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In solidarity with education leaders from around the world,
Glocal Future Education unfolds around the world.

  • Details Video clips of the fair and cultural events, closing remarks, and the Glocal Educational Superintendents’ Network Declaration Ceremony
  • Attendance VIPs, key figures from the Ministry of Education, and participating cities
  • Date and Time June 2, 2024 (Sun), 14:00
  • Venue Expo Hall
  • Schedule
    Program Time Content
    Closing Ceremony 14:00~14:05 Pre-Ceremony Performance
    14:05~14:15 Event Highlight Video
    14:15~14:17 Declaration of Closing & Pledge of Allegiance
    14:17~14:20 Introduction of Key Guests from home and abroad
    14:20~14:22 Congratulatory Remarks
    14:22~14:24 Welcoming Remarks
    14:24~14:26 Closing Remarks
    14:26~14:36 Glocal Education Fair Closing Ceremony
    14:36~14:40 Awards Ceremony