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In an era of 160,000 multicultural students, let us introduce the world of global careers and jobs that transcend boundaries.

  • Date & Time 13:00~15:00, May 29 (Wed) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024 (5 days)
  • Venue Yeosu Expo Convention Center Expo Hall, Korea Pavilion Grand Hall, Expo Square
    ※ Please see below table for reference (varies by time and date)
  • Details Talk show by multicultural professionals and mentors from around the world in areas where youth are interested

*Pre-registration first served

Date & Time Program Venue
15:00~17:00, May 29 (Wed) Career Talk Concert – KIM Hyung Seok (Composer) Expo Hall
13:30~15:30, May 30 (Thu) Career Talk Concert – LEE Soyoung (Vice President of Microsoft) Expo Hall
13:00~15:00, May 31 (Fri) Career Talk Concert – KIM Han-min (Film Director) Grand Hall
13:00~15:00, June 1 (Sat) Career Talk Concert – Jonathan X Patricia (Entertainer) Expo Square
13:00~15:00, June 2 (Sun) Career Talk Concert – SON Woong-jung (Soccer Coach) Grand Hall

Welcome to the world of cultural exchange where you can experience and communicate various culture.

  • Date & Time 10:00~17:00, May 29 (Wed) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024 (5 days)
  • Venue Coastal Road Canopy Tent (towards Ocean Plaza)
  • Details Bilingual activities to experience traditional world culture and play culture
    Activities to experience global citizenship education and Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)
Booth Program
Korea Experience Korean traditional art and music
Germany Experience traditional game (Indiaca), Wacker’s Coffee Bean
Romania Make traditional dolls
Russia Make Matryoshka dolls
Mongolia Experience traditional play(Shagai), Mongolian wilderness in VR
Viet Nam Make Traditional Hats, Experience Traditional Play(Cầu)
Indonesia Make and play with Congklak
China Experience traditional play(Tóuhú), traditional costume
Global Citizenship Education Make eco-friendly products and badges
Global Citizenship Education Make a shampoo bar
Global Citizenship Education Make an upcycled leather wallet
Global Citizenship Education Make stencil eco-bag

The Global Friendship Project features more than 300 youth in three teams from around the world.

  • Date May 29 (Wed), May 30 (Thu), May 31 (Fri), 2024 (3 days)
  • Venue Ocean Plaza (300 seats) and fairgrounds
  • Details An international culture exchange project between Korean and international youth
    Glocal Friends: 300 selected youth from around the world aged 12 to 19 years old
Time Venue Content
Before noon (AM) 10:00~11:00 Ocean Plaza Glocal Youth Matching and Ice-Breaking
11:00~12:30 Area around the fairgrounds Fair Tour and Glocal Photomission Challenge - Round 1
Afternoon (PM) 13:00~15:00 Area around the fairgrounds Fair Tour and Glocal Photomission Challenge - Round 2
15:00~16:00 Ocean Plaza World Culture Quiz Show
16:00~16:20 Ocean Plaza Glocal Photomission Challenge awards ceremony and photo op

Find common solutions to future societal changes and crises.

  • Date June 2 (Sun), 2024
  • Venue Yeosu Expo Convention Center Expo Hall
  • Details Share educational policy directions to create a symbiotic and sustainable future for humanity
    World education leaders pledge to take action on glocal education in conjunction with the Closing Ceremony