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2024 Korea Glocal
Education Fair

Education to develop talents capable of
understanding local specificity and global
universality in a locally centered educational
ecosystem, and capable of solving various
challenges to promote the symbiosis ofthe
region,the country, and the world.

We’re living in an era where local is global and global is local.
The Korea Glocal Education Fair is the first event prepared by JeollaNamdo, a province
that has grown many small schools into strong ones, to share and spread the
importance and unlimited potential of glocal education to the world.
The Korea Glocal Education Fair will present a blueprint of why “glocal education” is a
new paradigm for future education, and will vividly demonstrate how to make locallycentered future education a reality.

This is the beginning of future education that connects my school with the world’s
schools, my region with the world’s regions, and me with the world’s citizens.