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Meet JeollaNamdo's future education practices.

  • Direction - Organizing glocal education from local to global focusing on JeollaNamdo Education's three priority tasks, creating a panoramic media center that leads to a single narrative
    - Delivering the direction of future education proposed by JeollaNamdo Office of Education through various practical examples
    - Integrating various topics of education indicators of JeollaNamdo Education's major work plan into one story
    • Exhibition Concept - Local Becomes Global
    • Exhibition Contents - My Haven: A video featuring JeollaNamdo's unique natural landscapes, traditions, and humanistic environment
      - Education in Symbiosis with the Region: A video that captures the future of school education in JeollaNamdo
      - Opening the Future Together: How JeollaNamdo students are entering college, finding jobs, and settling down in the educational ecosystem where the public, private, industrial, and school sectors cooperate

Introducing future education policy case studies from 16 provincial education departments across the country and experience best practices in localized curriculum.

  • Direction Introducing the Future Education Policy Examples of 15 City and Provincial Education Offices across the Country

  • Exhibition Contents - Customized Education for Recovering Education Fundamentals
    - Building a regional symbiotic education ecosystem
    - Global education for cross-cultural communication

Introduction of the case studies on the Ministry of Education's future education policies.

  • Direction - Promoting the digital-based education innovation policies being carried out for the digital transformation of education and operating booths where participants can experience Digital Sprout Camp
    - Introducing and promoting the digital textbook platform, the foundation of personalized education
    - Promoting the Digital Sprout Camp program and experiencing related programs for students
  • Exhibition Contents - To be updated