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Sparks interest and curiosity in science by experiencing scientific principles firsthand.

  • Period June 1 (Sat) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024
  • Subject Students, parents, educators, citizens, etc
  • Content Creative Convergence Science Activities • Science experiments where participants can directly experience various scientific phenomena or principles, provided at the experience booths, free to participate without pre-registration, 100 or more programs per booth
    • Venue: Digital Gallery
    Mobile Science Vehicles(zone) • Run a distinctive science program through each institution's science vehicle National Science Teachers Association • Demonstrations and lectures by science teachers from around the country on their outstanding hands-on programs
    Exchange information on how to operate new science programs for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Venue: Seminar Room 11
    Future Education & AI Experience Square • Informing and Experiencing for the Future Science Education
    • Experience cutting-edge SW and AI programs
    • Venue: Digital Gallery
    Metaverse Convergence Experience Square • Run science festivals, glocal science experiences, and science experiment movie theaters that are open to the public online/offline
    • Create an emotional webinar space and run science creativity competitions with marginalized groups.
    • Venue: Digital Gallery
    Creative Convergence Expression Square • Venue: Seminar Room 1
Field Subject Details Operation
Science Talk! Talk! Presentation Competition Individuals of grade 3~12 Scientifically present their thoughts on a proposed topic On‧Offline
Science UCC Competition Individuals or teams of grade 3~12 Producing UCC videos to spark interest in JeollaNamdo's future education and science education Online
(Video Submission)
Creative Convergence Science
Exploratory Report Competition
Individuals of grade 3~12 Writing exploratory report on a scientific principle or interesting experience that you learned through participation or hands-on experience at the Science Festival Offline
(Inside fairground)

A variety of cultural, artistic, and experiential events are organized through the medium of books.

  • Period June 1 (Sat) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024
  • Subject Students, parents, educators, Jeollanamdo natives, etc
  • Content Hands-on Experience • Period: May 29 (Wed) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024
    • Venue: Outdoor space in front of Yeosu Expo Convention Center, Coastal Road Canopy Tent
    • Details: JeollaNamdo Office of Education affiliated libraries, provincial school libraries, booths of reading-related organizations and groups in the province
    Lecture ‧ Performance ‧ Forum • Period: May 30 (Thu) ~ June 1 (Sat), 2024
    • Venue: Grand Hall, Conference Hall, Seminar Room 1
    • Details: Humanities lectures, book concerts, and forums
    Competition • Period: May 30 (Thu) ~ May 31 (Fri), 2024
    • Venue: Expo Square
    • Details: Book-related souvenirs will be provided to those who complete various book-themed missions on a set course in the venue (team competition)
    Exhibition • Period: May 29 (Wed) ~ June 2 (Sun), 2024
    • Venue: Expo Convention Center Ground Floor Lobby
    • Details: Smart Playground, Media Art Wall, Future Library VR Experience

We provide personalized career exploration opportunities to help you grow into the leaders of future society.

  • Period May 29 (Wed) ~ May 31 (Fri), 2024
  • Subject Elementary‧middle‧high school students, parents, educators, etc
  • Content Career Exploration ‧ Hands-on Experience • Details: Self-Awareness Center, Career Exploration Center, Academic Exploration Center, Career and Job Experience Center, Career Planning Center
    • Venue: Digital Gallery
    Career and College Counselors • Detail: Customized 1:1 counseling for students and parents on career, high school, college, etc.
    • Venue:: Seminar Room 7, 8
    Career Talk Concert • Detail: Lectures and talk shows with career mentors
    • Speaker: KIM Hyung Seok (Composer), LEE Soyoung (Vice President of Microsoft), KIM Han-min (Film Director), Jonathan X Patricia (Entertainer), SON Woong-jung (Soccer Coach)
    • Venue: Expo Hall, Grand Hall, Expo Square