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Get hands-on experience with the future education platform that can be applied in schools.

  • Participants 10 education-related platform companies
  • Exhibition Type / Venue Independent pavilions and International Pavilion
  • Confirmed Participants Google, NAVER, Intel, National Geographic, EBS, Apple, i-Scream Media, LG, NHN
Coporate Venue Highlights
1 Google Pavilion D Experiential booths based on Google for Education's educational solutions and Leader Series Korea 2024 for leaders and Teaching Theatre for teachers
2 NAVER Pavilion D Exhibition of HyperCLOVA X, NAVER's large-scale AI platform, and open platform experience (teachers/students) through Whalebook, and booths to experience various environments through Whale Space
3 EBS Pavilion D Introducing EBS AI services and operating experience programs (AI Fengtalk Zone, AI Button Zone, AI SW Zone, MATH Zone, METAVERSE Zone, K-DANCE Zone)
4 Intel Pavilion D Introducing Intel's digital-based classroom innovation program for future job competency development AI experience with Intel OpenVino (Hell Robot AI, Emotion Recognition AI, Image Colorization AI, Pose Recognition AI, Background Removal AI, Object Recognition AI, Dense Area Surveillance AI, etc.) with Intel AI PCs, etc.
5 LG D동 Demonstration and experience of Hello School, a future classroom where digital and education, people, and regions are connected by combining LG Electronics' IT technology with LGHV and Ring School's edutech solution.
6 i-Scream Media Pavilion D Exhibition and counseling of Tinkerbell, Class Tool, Edubank AI, and TooruTuru, which apply i-Scream Media's edutech technology, as well as service and on-site educational class demonstrations
7 JM Robotics CA-101 Operating the Global Robotics Competition as a pilot for the world competition utilizing uKit AI robotics education tool and exhibition of AI & robotics education solutions (exhibition of products used in the Glocal Robotics Competition and UBTECH products, and presentation of multilingual class models utilizing robots for students with migrant backgrounds)
8 Goodnotes & SAMT Pavilion D Promoting GoodNotes x Apple collaboration and introducing GoodNote Classroom software for educational purposes, and operating Apple devices and ios software, GoodNotes Classroom demo, and Q&A session

Experience new technologies, products, content, and services from education-related companies that are innovating the future of education.

  • Details Hands-on exhibition of future education sites for K-12 students, parents, and teachers
  • Venue B102~104, B105, B Building lobby area, International Pavilion
  • Exhibition Theme
    • Green Smart
      Eco-friendly ICT-based educational equipment including Smart Education Environment carbon neutralit
    • Connectivity
      Math, Comprehensive, English, Literacy Career advancement, collaboration and connectivity solutions
    • Reality
      & Convergence
      AI-based education solutions such as STEAM, Metaverse, SW convergence education coding, etc.
    • Smart Physical
      Smart physical education solutions such as customized healthcare for students
    • Corporate
      Hands-on exhibition and relaxation space for participants
    • JeollaNamdo Learning
      Material Exhibition Hall
      Outstanding education-related companies from JeollaNamdo
  • Participating Corporates 50 companies with products and services in hardware, software, content, and other areas related to future education

    Edutech Corporate Pavilion

    NO Theme Corporate Participating
    E Future Education Lounge Korea Boardgames GRAVITRAX
    F Trasys Co.,Ltd Creating future children's safe zone through traffic light auxiliary devices
    A Green Smart Classroom FORYOUDIGITAL CO., LTD Electronic Blackboard / Laptop / Tablet / Monitor
    1 EWONTECH Smart device charging locker
    2 HDVISION Co., Ltd Eco-friendly electronic whiteboard
    3 INNODIGITAL Co., Ltd Carbon neutrality action program, ICT-based device for measuring leftover food, indoor air care management system
    4 JCORP SYSTEM Wireless Network Optimization Solution: TBRIDGE
    5 Wellpix Co., Ltd Smart Video Microphone System
    IGLROOM Co., Ltd Hydronic Heating Panel Systems/Flooring for Heating
    7 PKLNS CO., Ltd Electronic blackboards, electronic desk for teachers
    8 Korad MediaTech Co., Ltd New Concept Smart ClassRoom
    9 DIGIWILL Co., Ltd ACLs, media hubs for PBL open interactive classes, smart electronic blackboards, desks for teachers, etc.
    B Connectivity & Intelligence
    Gaion Educational ocding drone · Coding robot
    10 METAEDUSYS Content Developer Experience Classroom (grades 4 and up) / VR coding development training tools Varwin
    11 SMTECHONE Co.,Ltd Literacy Learning System (Diagnosis/Analysis/Training), AI Interview System, AI Education Products
    12 KnowRe Knowre AI school math
    13 iPortfolio(READING&) ‘‘READING &’s [READ to SPEAK] Multidimensional English learning
    14 FreeWheelin inc. K-12 AI math courseware MathFlat & Pulley Math
    15 JAJAK[TEAMPL100] ‘Writing Experience Space
    16 TEKVILLE EDUCATION, INC Developing remote training services and learning management system (LMS) solutions
    17 Windfally Corp. Audivice (online 1:1 mentoring service)
    18 TEAM MONOLITH Inc. CODLE - Experiencing digital textbooks for informatics
    19 Madras Check Co.,Ltd EdutechCollaboration tool flow
    20 MATAEDU AI MATAmath
    21 ReadingStar e Llibrary - AI-based English Reading Index Assessment Test
    22 METAKIUM CLASSVR, EduPro, Prediger VR, VR GakEnglish
    23 E-WUT.COM Corp. Smart notification system ‘e-alimi’
    24 I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. SchoolPT, an all-in-one class management solution
    25 Reality & Convergence EDUFORALL VR Safety Training Package, Smart Angle Adjustable Desk
    26 The Institute of Educational research,Chonnam National University Immersive media-based career and vocational experience program for middle and high school students
    27 Seoul Cyber University Seoul Cyber University Future Higher Education Technology Center
    28 TILON VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Dstation) / Video conferencing solutions (CenterFace), etc.
    29 Woongjin Compass Woongjin Kinderbox AR Teaching Solution, Reading Oceans 2.0
    30 IDEATE Interactive digital content & educational creative fusion offline content
    (Mobile games, deduction games, AR recognition apps, board games, workbooks, crafting kits, etc.)
    32 HuemoneLab Courseware Copool and Physical Computing Education Tool
    33 CIRCULUS Pibo, a humanoid AI robot, and Canvers, a generative AI platform
    34 YBM Classroom (group type) real-time interactive communication and AI evaluation analysis, LMS-based class support program Y Cloud
    C Smart physical education KOREA BODY INFORMATION RealPT Personalized student health and fitness system / RealPT Edu

    JeollaNamdo Learning Material Exhibition Hall

    NO Theme Corporate Participating Technologies-Product Types
    1 JeollaNamdo Learning Material Exhibition Hall
    (Exhibition for Technology and Equipment in Education)
    BigClean Inc. Unattended recycling devices, Library Management, Access Control Systems
    2 Seojungkorea 3D Pen
    3 Shinhan education Indoor Play MX Zone
    4 IIST Co., ltd Intelligent video surveillance devices
    5 IOTPLUS Co., ltd. AI Coding Plus
    6 WONILTECH CO.,LTD Air Sterilizer
    7 AiSolution AI Group Learning System
    8 HAICT.inc EzMaker Science Intelligent Science Lab Learning Tools
    9 Hyanggi Roun Namu IOT ConvergenceVerticalSmart Garden
    10 HUMAMSPACE AI_Mabot, AI_Hubot

Experience the latest special education teaching and learning methods and the vision for the future special education..

  • Details - Presenting a vision for future special education by building special education classrooms
    - Experience the latest special education teaching and learning methods through the JeollaNamdo Special Education School Café, JeollaNamdo Braille Library, etc.
  • Venue International Pavilion A 107
  • Exhibition Theme
    Theme 1 Future Special Education Experience Exhibition Experience the 'Future Inclusive Classroom', a model of a future special education classroom in conjunction with the curriculum.
    Theme 2 JeollaNamdo Special Education School Café Programs led by students with disabilities through a café run by students at JeollaNamdo Special Education School
    Theme 3 Braille Library A space where you can experience the structure and materials for Braille