Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the Information and Communication Network Act, we would like to inform those of you who apply online to participate in the "Korea Glocal Education Fair 2024" about the types of personal information collected, the purpose of collecting and using personal information, and the period of retention and use of personal information, so please read carefully before giving your consent.

1. Collection of Personal Information - Purpose of Use
The personal information of visitors collected by the JeollaNamdo Office of Education, the organizer of this fair, will be used only for the purposes of sending invitations to the fair hosted by the JeollaNamdo Office of Education, providing information about the fair, identifying participants, verifying age, and collecting statistics on visitors.

2. Types of Personal Information Collected
1) Information Collected: Name, gender, year of birth, phone number, email address, nationality, location, affiliation, industry, job title, how you learned about the fair, sessions you are looking forward to, registration date, access log, cookies, access IP information, etc.
2) Methods of collecting personal data : Website (pre-registration application), on-site registration at the show

3. Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing
(1) In order to provide better services and customer convenience, JeollaNamdo Office of Education outsources personal information processing tasks to external specialized companies as follows. Personal information processing tasks may be outsourced only when it is necessary to provide each individual service.
Name of Outsourcing Company and Processing Tasks
-MICEHUB Inc. (website management and operation)
-Govent Inc. (Fair registration system operation)
(2) To ensure the security of the protection of personal information, JeollaNamdo Education Office shall regulate compliance with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of disclosure to third parties, liability in case of accidents, delivery period, obligation to return or destroy personal information after the end of processing, etc., through operating contracts, etc., and shall manage to comply with them.

4. Retention and Use of Personal Information
After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information will be destroyed immediately.
However, if it is necessary to keep it according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the Company will keep the registration information for a certain period as specified by the relevant laws and regulations as follows
* Retention items: Name, year of birth, age, affiliation, job title, telephone number, residential area, e-mail address, date of visit, how you learned about the fair, sessions you are looking forward to and other optional items.
* Rationale for retention: For big data analysis, service improvement, planning, research, and future event announcements.
* Retention Period: 3 years

5. Rights
The personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that consented to by the personal information provider, and in principle, you have the right to refuse to consent to the collection of personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act, and if you refuse to consent to the collection, you will be restricted from entering the fair.